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Vision & Goals



Education has the important responsibility of preparing young people to be well-rounded individuals who are capable and willing to take their place in our society as responsible citizens.  Co-curricular activities, such as athletics, offer ideal venues in which to promote the development of our students into well-rounded individuals.  The Auburn Athletic Department will strive to use the interscholastic athletic experience to enhance the mental, physical, moral, social and emotional development of our students.  The staff of the Athletic Department will strive to provide students with experiences from which they can learn and grow.  The staff of the Athletic Department acknowledges the importance of our role to supplement the home and other social agencies in developing habits and attitudes that contribute to an increased quality of life.  The staff of the Athletic Department is appreciative that athletics provide an opportunity to teach valuable life lessons, and that those lessons can be learned in a team environment where the consequences are often less severe than in other life settings.  



1.  Student-athletes will increase their understanding of the ideals of ethical conduct, integrity, fair play and good sportsmanship that make for winning and losing graciously.  

2.  Student-athletes will participate in the process of group decision-making, problem solving, and have opportunities to demonstrate leadership and initiative as they strive for the achievement of group goals.  

3.  Student-athletes will develop self-discipline, self-motivation and concepts such as commitment, excellence, loyalty, cooperation and other desirable traits.

4.  Student-athletes will learn and refine the cognitive and psychomotor components of the interscholastic athletic activity in which they participate.   

5.  Student-athletes will understand and practice the principles of sound health, safety and physical fitness.  

6.  The athletic program will promote a positive image of the Auburn School District and Community, which will reflect the Department’s goals.

7.  The athletic program will provide competition that is appropriately based on skill and development rather than on students’ chronological age or grade.

8.  The athletic program will balance the fiscal and pragmatic realities of the District with the desire to maximize student participation and provide the largest possible variety of athletic opportunities.  



The Athletic Department uses continuous observation as a practical method of assessment to evaluate achievement of its goals.  Coaches spend a considerable portion of their time in practices and in games observing student athletes’ behavior and growth.  The athletic director and district administrators attend games and provide feedback concerning athletes’, coaches and spectators’ conduct, sportsmanship and safety.

Behaviors recognized as positive assessments of District goals are noted below.  These are examples only and are not intended as the only criteria or a checklist.

1.  Student-athletes refrain from infractions that result in technical fouls, ejections, or similar reprimands.

2.  Student-athletes contribute to setting goals for their performance (individually and team).

3.  Student-athletes adhere to expectations for attendance, attire, and conduct.

4.  Student-athletes learn the rules and performance skills necessary for their sport.

5.  Student-athletes follow sound physical, mental, and self-care practices during the season.

6.  District publications and programs promote respectful behavior and good sportsmanship.

7.  Students participate at a level commensurate with their abilities and in compliance with NYSPHSAA.

8.  The athletic program and its fiscal support reach the average for its league incrementally each year.


Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021
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