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Shannon Dunbar
Executive Director of Instructional Technology

LAN Technician / Admin Assistant

Phone: (315) 255-8834
Email: Shannon

Auburn Enlarged City School District
Harriet Tubman Administration Building
78 Thornton Avenue
Auburn, NY 13021

Erich Montgomery
Network Administrator
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Deborah J Leone
Computer Systems Technician
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Keith Bergerstock
LAN Technician
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Sue Graf
Computer Clerk
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Paul Martin
LAN Technician
Auburn Enlarged City School District

Ryan Blumer
LAN Technician
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Josh Smalley
Computer Systems Technician
Auburn Enlarged City School District
Technology resources are used across the curriculum to assist learners in accomplishing curriculum objectives, developing personal skills, and enhancing overall knowledge. Like paper and pencils, computers are viewed as tools which help learners accomplish tasks, understand information, and communicate effectively. Computer skills are not taught in isolation, but are woven into many learning activities throughout the curriculum at all grade levels.
All classrooms within the district are equipped with at least one computer workstation connected to the district computer network. These workstations are used by both students and staff to support the curricula within the district. Students commonly use these technology resources to conduct research, prepare classroom assignments, present material, and reinforce skills. In addition to the preceding, staff use classroom computers for management tasks, lesson planning, communication, collaboration, and assessment.
Each elementary school has at least one networked computer lab plus numerous classroom computer clusters. The junior high school has 2 networked computer labs, one technology lab, and 8 mobile laptop mini-labs. The junior high school library media center, which is adjacent to the computer lab, also contains networked research workstations. The high school contains 4 networked computer labs, a technology lab, and 4 mobile laptop mini-labs. Incorporated into the high school library media center are 20 research workstations and a writing lab.
Students have access to these resources through a combination of scheduled class time and study time to work with programs that support the learning objectives being address in the curriculum. The mobile labs, which are linked to the district network via a wireless connection and provide all network services, can be taken to classrooms for extended projects or to provide additional full class access.
These primary resources are augmented by additional support tools including networked printers, scanners, projection devices, and digital cameras. On staff at the high school and junior high schools are technology staff developers who assist staff in using the district's technology resources effectively.

Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021