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Auburn students involved in activities for Women's History Month

Christopher Sciria
AECSD Public Information Specialist

Auburn Enlarged City School District students are engaged in a wide range of activities for Women’s History Month. 

At Herman Avenue Elementary, Mrs. Messina's fourth grade students are working on Women's History Month projects in the library with librarian Mrs. Crosby.

Each student selected a historical figure and did research on them. They used that information to create an online poster using Canva. The project is a great way for the students to learn more about a historical figure and also develop tech skills.

At Casey Park Elementary, Brandy Burns-Hafield’s third-grade class is studying 16 different women from different backgrounds and areas of expertise who have made an impact on the world in an effort of connecting with the students. They will learn about these women through articles about their lives, videos, artwork, music and speeches. Students will complete short informational pieces on each woman.   

The class completed a bulletin board based on Malala Yousafzai's book “Malala's Magic Pencil,” displaying it in the hallway.  The class also hopes to complete a short video montage on the woman who inspired each student most and invite parents in to see it.  

Women’s history facts are also part of the morning announcements at the other elementary schools and Genesee Elementary has a collage of historical women on the front desk in the main office.

At Auburn High School, a Women's Studies class mural project debuted at the end of January. The project, which students created, was funded by an Auburn Education Foundation grant. The grant itself became a lesson for the students because they had to learn how to apply for it.

“The students really enjoyed completing this assignment,” said AHS history teacher Jeannette Oliver-Carr. “The students and I knew when the due date was for the (grant application). They actually put the grant together with me, so that was part of their assignment, learning how to write a grant and how to ask for money.” 

Oliver-Carr added the students had to research what products would be needed to create the mural and how much they would cost so they talked to an art teacher.

“We ended up getting the grant, which was pretty exciting,” she said. “We didn't know if we would get that grant money. They were given two weeks and they came up with the design. They came up with everything. They also came up with names that should be included on the mural. The only thing I asked them to do is put the names of former students that have participated in the course and they really wanted to see how this course affected people throughout the past eight years.”

More names will be added by students who take the class in the future.

The Auburn High School History Club asks a different women’s history trivia question during the morning announcements. 

“One of the questions was in what year did the women's rights convention take place in Seneca Falls,” Oliver-Carr said. “I'm walking down the hall and I hear kids saying, ‘1848.’ When they hear the announcements they're trying to figure out if they know it. It creates discussion.”

There's also a bulletin board that has been put together with Women's History Month information.

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