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COVID-19 Testing Process for Students

The Auburn Enlarged City School District and East Hill Family Medical have been working together to find a way to provide COVID-19 testing for Auburn students. We are pleased to announce that we have developed a process, outlined below, that will provide students with prompt testing upon showing symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing Process
  • Students that exhibit any symptom of COVID-19 will be isolated in their school building.
  • Parent/guardian will be notified to come and pick up their student.
  • If necessary, parent/guardian will fill out a consent form for COVID-19 testing.
  • Consent form will be faxed to East Hill Medical, and an East Hill staff member will reach out to the family to set up a video examination and an appointment for the student to go in for a COVID-19 test.
    • The test that will be performed is the Nares test, which is less invasive than the nasal pharyngeal test. The Nares test involves a swab very low in the nostril and swirled around for 15 seconds, and then repeated in the other nostril. It is so easy that students can perform the test themselves.
  • The specimen will be sent to the lab for testing, and the results should return within 24-48 hours.
  • Once results are received, an East Hill staff member will set up another video exam with the student and parent/guardian to review the results, ensure the student is free from COVID-19 symptoms, and provide a note for the student to be able to return to school in person.

The total turnaround time of the testing process is expected to be about three days. For example, if a student displays a symptom on Monday and is tested the same day, results should be returned by Wednesday. East Hill would then do a video exam on Thursday, and as long as the student is symptom-free, he/she would be able to return to school the following day according to the student’s in-person schedule. In addition, East Hill is trying to provide the 15-minute rapid COVID-19 test for students, which could reduce the overall turnaround time even more.

There will be no out-of-pocket costs associated with this service. The testing consent form that a parent/guardian signs will have a clause that allows East Hill Family Medical permission to submit the procedure through the family’s insurance. If the family’s insurance does not cover the cost, East Hill will NOT charge the family for any out-of-pocket costs. If a family does not have insurance, East Hill will provide the test free of charge, as well as help the family enroll in an insurance plan.

We understand that the idea of subjecting students to COVID-19 testing is not ideal, so we are trying to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. The district hopes to work out a similar process for its staff members as well.

If you have any questions about the COVID-19 testing process, please contact Caren Radell, Nurse Supervisor, at (315) 255-8829 or

Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021