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Due to the inclement weather and frigid temperatures,
school is cancelled on Friday, February 3, 2023.

Stay safe and warm, and have a great weekend!


PBIS at Casey Park

Casey Park Elementary School-Wide PBIS Matrix
  Hallway Playground Auditorium Bathroom Cafeteria Technology Bus Arrival / Dismissal
Positive Behavior
*single silver line
*walking straight and tall
*body and eyes forward
*hands by your side
*Be willing to include everyone
*Hands and feet to self
*Use playground equipment appropriately

*Remain seated
*Keep hands to self
*Use armrest to the left
*Enter and exit at zero voice and  in a straight line
*Take care of self in a timely manner
*Place paper towels in trash or use hand dryers appropriately
*Keep soap and water in sink
*Stay in own space
*Hands and feet to yourself.
*Walk to your seat.
*Raise your hand when help is needed.
* Use level 2 voices.
*Use only your login/ password
*Stay in one spot
*Voice level 0-1
*Use school language
*Be truthful about your destination
*pick up trash
*use kind and polite words
*Level two voices
*single lines
*walking straight and tall
*walk to destination safely
Act responsibly and respectfully
*zero voices
*hands and feet to self
*stay in your personal space
*Be a good sport and play fair
*Keep the playground clean
*Use appropriate language
*Help others if they get hurt
*Stay in the designated area
*Voice level zero
*Sit properly by keeping bottom on seat
*Keep feet on floor
*Always use stairs to walk on or off stage

*Level 1 voice
*Knock on stall door before entering
*Use only what you need
*Respect each others privacy
*Wash hands with soap and water
*Respect bathroom equipment

*Use water fountain appropriately
*Say “please” and “thank you.”
*Stay in your seat.
*Take the lunch you ordered.
*Use kind words.
*When moving around classroom, close device and use 2 hands
*Return device to designated area
*Keep food/drink away from device
*Keep body parts and objects inside the bus
*Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before standing up
*take your belongings with you
*keep aisle clear
*hands and feet to self
*stay in your personal space
*Exit property at dismissal
Willing to learn
*following adult direction
*be on time
*Follow all adult directions
*Line up quickly and quietly

*Listen to speaker(s)
*Follow adult directions
*Clap nicely and show good manners
*When asked to participate raise hand and wait to be called on
*Go directly to bathroom closest to you
*Return to classroom promptly
*Listen and follow directions.
*Eat first, then talk.
*Learn how to use device for new educational purposes
*Stay on task that teacher has assigned
*Follow adult direction
*follow bus driver directions
*be on time
*remain seated
*stay to the right in a single straight line order on stairs
*follow adult direction
*only walk through specified halls and  doors
Strive for success
*walk on right side of hallway
*walk directly to destination
*Follow all safety rules
*Wear proper shoes
*Know where your teacher is
*Be kind and courteous to presenter(s)
*Keep space clean, do not bring in food, drink, gum, or candy
*Report spills, messes and vandalism to teachers
*Use bathroom only when necessary
*Clean up after yourself.
*Walk directly to your seat.
*Wait in line patiently.

*Take care of device so it can be used year after year
*Ask teacher to help solve technology issues
*Go to approved websites
*Be a responsible digital citizen
*Follow all bus safety rules
*walk on right side of hallway
*walk directly to destination
Superintendent: Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Phone: 315.255.8800
Address: 78 Thornton Avenue | Auburn, NY 13021
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